2022 The 50th PAN Music Festival ‘Call for score’ 조회: 734   작성일: 22-04-11  
글제목: 2022 The 50th PAN Music Festival ‘Call for score’

2022 The 50th PAN Music Festival ‘Call for score’


[Category 1]

Performing group: Haneybaram (Korea)

Instrumentations : Woodwind Quintet (fl, ob, cl, bn, horn) + String Quintet (vn1, vn2, va, vc, db) + Percussion

Submission of partition :  Only more than 3 players can be submit


6~7 works scheduled to be selected


[Category 2]

Performing group: Ensmeble Contempo Beijing (China)

Instrumentations : Banhu (Hogung, 板胡), Pipa (pipa, 琵琶), Sheng (raw, 笙), Yangqin (yanggeum, 扬琴), ​​Violin, Clarinet, Erhu (erhu, 二胡), Guzheng (old tale)

Submission of partition : Only more than 2~3 players can be submit

2-3 works scheduled to be selected


Sheng/mouth organ



Guzheng/Chinese Zither















[Category 3]

Music Theater or dramatic music format (free style/form)

Arrangement: Free arrangement of instruments.

Props necessary for performing groups and plays, actors, lighting, stage props, etc. are directly provided by the selected composer.

Auxiliary performance budget is set and distributed to all free play music formats.

Works that contain dramatic elements (e.g., Schoenberg oratorio, opera, musical theater, changgeuk, etc.) can be supported.

In the case of selection, the subsidy is 3~3.5 million won per composer to solve the performers, actors, stage setting, directing, etc.

Submission: Free-form such as work, direction, and performance plan

3-4 works to be selected


[Category 4]

Percussion concert without percussion

Jean Geoffroy

Play with various materials or materials such as body movements (gestures), tables, or mobile phones without using percussion instruments

Submission: work and performance plan

1 work can be selected


[Category 5]

Black page orchestra

Chamber music including video, projection, and electronic sound (media music) is possible

Instrumentations : Soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, electronics

Submission of partition : Only more than 2~3 players can be submit

1-2 works scheduled to be selected


1. Outline of the competition

■ Target: [Category 1, Category 2, Category 4, Category 5] Creative music of about 10 minutes or less
               [Category 3] Creative music within 15 to 20 minutes (first performance priority)​

■ Qualifications: Established composer (ISCM Korean Committee member), emerging composer (born after 1991),

Full members of ISCM member countries, Koreans and foreigners residing in Korea


■ Restriction: Only one work can be applied for the recruitment category. (Composers cannot apply for duplicates by category)


2. Schedule

■ How to apply: Please send the following documents to the e-mail iscmkorea@gmail.com of the Korean Committee of the International Contemporary Music Association as a single compressed file with “Composer's Name_2021 Pan Music Festival Competition”.


■ Application deadline: (Korean time) July 30 (Sat) 1st deadline

                                          August 20 (Sat) 2nd deadline


■ Results announcement: after August 25 (fixed schedule to be announced later)


■ Results announcement: Partbo delivered to the performing group by September 1 (after that, the composer or the association will deliver directly)


3. Documents to be submitted

■ Application form (submitted in PDF format): http://www.iscm-korea.com/_yesweb/_system/bbs/view.php?bid=tb_bbs6&pageid=58&no=43 <2022 50th Pan Music Festival Application Form> and Korean branch membership form> Download Korean file


■ Summary (PDF format, including the cover with the title of the work/composer's name, do not include the composer's name in the score)


■ Sound source (in case of reenactment, please attach if possible, mp3 format)


■ Profile picture (JPG format, high quality) 

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